The Revolution of Dry Shampoo

When I was little I always remember my grandmother having her annual Saturday morning hair appointment. She rarely missed those appointments. I remember when she would get back from the salon she would have fresh curls and you could tell she felt like a new women. 

Do you know any ladies in your life like that now? Having your hair done once a week professionally or doing it yourself is starting to trend back into style. With the never ending research showing the public shampooing daily is bad for your hair & the cost of a good blowout no wonder the dry shampoo industry is booming. 

For those who don’t know what dry shampoo is it is a form of powder that comes in spray or powder form. The purpose is to be sprinkled or sprayed into  the roots to absorb excess oil. It helps extend your hairstyle or the time in between washes. 

There are several brands on the market, here are a few of my favorites: Batiste any scent, Suave in the citrus scent, and Herbal Essence in the Rose scent. They all cost less then 10 dollars so very budget friendly. They just take the pain out of washing your hair daily. Any recommendations for me to try leave me a comment please! 

P.s. I’m working on my first Vlog! I will be spending the next few days in New York City and want to share it with you. 

 Love always, 


Eggplant P. I. Z. Z. A.

As most people along the east coast settled in for a snow day I decided to try a new recipe. Looking through my refrigerator I grabbed random ingredients, eggplant, diced tomatoes, and cheese. While searching Pinterest for inspiration I found an eggplant pizza recipe and decided I would make my own. 


Globe eggplant (purple in color and round in shape)

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 small clove of garlic

Italian seasoning

Minced onion seasoning

Basil seasoning

Oregano seasoning

Olive oil

Spray Pam

Shredded cheese

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Starting with the Eggplant cut it into several thick slices, the thickness varies on how you want your  crust of your pizza to be. On a baking sheet sprayed with Pam place your slices of eggplant then drizzle olive oil over each piece. I then used the Italian seasoning and put a generous amount on each piece of eggplant. This recipe isn’t about exact measurements it is about how much flavor you prefer.

Place the eggplant in the oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes. In a sauce pan combine diced tomatoes, sliced garlic clove, and 1 tbsp of olive oil in a pan adding a dash of minced onion, basil, and oregano as well. Simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Once everything is finished cooking place the eggplant on the plate add the tomato mixture on top and finish it with any type of cheese you like. Now it’s time to enjoy! This recipe was so yummy and also a healthy alternative to actual pizza. What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?

Love always, 



A Little Bit of Marilyn, Audrey, & Elizabeth 

 Watching old movies is one of my favorite past times I can draw so much inspiration from the classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Gentlemen prefer Blondes. Icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and of course Marilyn Monroe have all inspired the beauty industry for years. As I watch I get drawn into all the aspects of the film such as the color, style for the time period, and of course the makeup. The 50’s and the 60’s were such an important time for women and beauty. 

Thick lashes framed beautiful eyes, pouts were made noticeable with bright lips, and better yet groomed bold eyebrows with winged eyeliner were all the craze. They say beauty is always a changing thing, older trends are becoming new again. I personally love a bright lip and winged liner to this day.  Who is your icon for inspiration? Let me know in the comment box below. 

Love always, 


Cheers to a new year

As I sit in Chickfila sweet tea in hand I wonder the direction I want my life to take. Have you ever had moments where you need to sit back and see where you have been and where you are going? Over the year of 2014 I graduated college with my Associates Degree, spent another year with the love of my life, watched my puppy turn one, learned new life skills, spent time with my crazy parents, moved out on my own and started a new adventure, beauty school. 

I know, beauty school an adventure? Well yes, it is an adventure. You go to school with the same group of people learning new things everyday day. I chose the esthetics route instead of cosmetologist. I have been blessed with the best teacher in the state, I’ll even venture out with the best teacher in the country. 

I have experienced so many new things in my life. I built business friendships and more importantly I built real friendships. I receive great advice daily I even got a confidence boost on my beauty/ freelance ideas. I’m writing this to share with you what I’ve been going through in my time of absence. I love blogging and beauty related things it’s why I started my blog.

I always said I wanted to start a YouTube channel and never did. I let the fear of being mocked and not making perfect videos scare me. I’ve come to realization that everyone is going to have an opinion so why let that stop me? I’m just starting out so of course my video and editing skills are going to be shaky. I can’t let that stop me from doing what I want. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? Me? I’m hoping to be in a management position somewhere. I want to have my YouTube channel and blog thriving. Most importantly I want my marriage to be in a happy healthy state ( I’m getting married in August). I want to spend more time living then worrying, 2015 is going to be the year about ME. I  know that in the past I have problems with consistency but I am truly sorry for my hiatus. Just know now that I am back and better then ever. Thank you for all your support and understanding. Have any questions or advice leave me a comment. 

Love always,


Judgement Day For Mascaras

Hey beauties!

I have the ever growing mascara collection and I thought I would share with you the ones I can’t live with out and the few I could stand to loose.

Since I have a few I’m not a fan off let’s begin there. Makeup Forever Smokey Extravagant, L’oreal Miss Manga, and Covergirl Flamed Out. They all have real bristles but different shaped applicators. Covergirl is hourglass while Makeup Forever is tear dropped shaped. Miss Manga has a super flexible wand but I just seem to splatter mascara every where with it. All of these mascara formulas are super wet. These mascaras make my lashes clumpy and black. No volume and no length.

My in between mascaras are Calvin Klein One Mascara & Scandal Eyes Flex by Rimmel. Both mascaras makes my lashes long. Calvin One has has a cool applicator with a simply twist the rubber bristles grow longer. Scandal eyes is just your typical mascara that fluffy applicator.

My Favorites are Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Volume Express waterproof, Benefits they’re Real, & my number one is Lancome Grandiose. Pumped Up Colossal holds the curl in my lashes all day. Probably because it’s a waterproof formula but either way I still love it. Benefits they’re Real makes my lashes long and full and stays all day with no flaking. Now for the mother of all mascara Lancome’s Grandiose! It gives me full, thick, curled, & long lashes. What more can a girl ask for from her mascara? Also it’s super black. It is pricey at 32 dollars a bottle but with the patent pending wand to reach every lash it’s worth it. The way the wand bends help me have curl in my lashes without using and eyelash curler. I’m including a picture using Lancome Grandiose What’s your favorite mascara?

Love always,








October Favorites!

Hey beauty lovers!

I’m back from my mini vacation from blogging. So sorry it took so long! I’ve finally settled into my new school and work schedule. Plus Halloween and my Fiancé’s birthday week is over. It’s already the first day of November and I just can’t believe it. Time is truly flying by this year.

I’ve been very into gel eyeliner this month. It’s a simple way to define your eyes and to me is less stress then a pencil. It does take some practice but nothing too stressful. I love L’Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner 24 hour in 171 Blackest Black. The texture is smooth and does not dry out.

To apply the gel liner I use my Sonia Kashuk angled eyeliner brush. This brush is the perfect size to get deep in the lash line and great to create the perfect cat wing. The bristles are so soft. Mine is from Sonia Kashuk anniversary brush set.

The best drugstore mascara I found is Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express in Blackest black. The handle is flexible so you can reach all out your lashes. The brush on the other hand is super fat and has short compact bristles. This mascara is good for volume and lengthening.

Cream eyeshadow is my go to lately. Maybelline Tattoo cream eyeshadow 24 hour is Simple to use but it looks like you put a lot of effort into your look. I love the shade 25 Bad to the Bronze. It’s a brownish taupe color and has all day staying power. Just warm the product up on your finger and tap it on to your lid.

Looking for a concealer brush that blends like a dream? Check out Sonia Kashuk’s brush line. Also from her anniversary kit is my flat tapered concealer brush. It gets into all the tiny spaces to blend your concealer.

Nude lipstick goes with everything but for a funky twist this month I tried Lust for Blush 665 by Maybelline Matte lipstick. I’m sure by now you have heard of the new collection Maybelline launched last month of 10 matte shade of lipsticks. I picked up 8, a post to come on them soon. The color of Lust for Blush is a light pinkish purple shade closer to nude but has a kick to it.

Finally my last favorite of the month is Urban Decay All Nighter setting Spray. It helps keep your makeup on all day and it’s a simple finishing step. I also use it to prep my skin for foundation. The smell isn’t the greatest but once it’s dry you can’t notice it.

I’m going to throw in some pictures of my Halloween makeup and the makeup I did for my friend she pwent as Cleopatra and I did her roommate Nicole eyeshadow. What’s your favorite for the month?

Love always,










Fresh Faced Friday

Hey skin care lovers!

Let’s all take a deep breathe and let the stress of the week melt away. My favorite way to unwind is a hot bath, face mask, and a good book. Anyone else agree ? Grab your favorite bubble bath and let’s talk about a face mask.

This week at school I was lucky enough to have a fellow student I look up to preform an extraction on me. An extraction is when your pimples, whiteheads, & blackheads are removed. Now don’t go thinking it’s okay to pop pimples. You need to have the proper steps such as cleansing, toning, & steaming. When I learn the proper steps in detail I’ll write a post all about it. The point is I’m trying to deep clean my pores and that was what this mask is targeted at.

Of course it is a Freeman mask, Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask. This mask is for normal / combination skin. It claims to deep clean and purify your skin. As I’m sure your tired of reading the first step is I cleanse my face with my Cetaphil cleanser and Clarisonic. Next I pat my face dry and apply the masks in sections. As I’m waiting for the mask to dry my face starts itching like crazy. So unfortunately I had to wash it off before the mask completely dried.

The mask didn’t smell it was just a fun creamy green color. Applying the mask was relaxing and super easy which I love. I’m guessing the oatmeal in the mask made my face itch but since I have sensitive skin and I didn’t want to chance it. You can pick this mask up in the skin care aisle at your drugstore.

My personal recommendation is to skip this mask if you have sensitive skin. I didn’t notice anything different in my skin but I also didn’t get to use the mask to it’s full potential. If anyone else has tried this product please leave me some details on your experience with it. Enjoy my Frankenstein face and Happy Early Halloween!

Love always,





Fresh Faced Friday

Beauty lovers!

I have some super exciting news to share! I have finally started my esthetic program and I love it. I have never been the girl to succeed in school but with this course I feel that could change. I have an amazing teacher who makes me want to pick her brain for all the bits of knowledge you don’t get from a book. I’m sorry for not having the post up sooner but I’m in school from 6 am till 3:30 pm.

I tried the Freeman Dead Sea Mineral Anti- stress mask. It comes in portable packs in the skin care aisle at the drugstore. It smells just like the ocean! This product is super simply to use and goes on smooth. Plus it’s blue so you can see where you have applied the mask.

Like usual to use this mask I cleanse my skin with my Cetaphil and Clarosonic. Next I applied the cream mask to my dry skin. While the mask was drying I could feel my pores shrinking and tingly. After the mask was completely dry I waited ten minutes and used warm water and a towel to wipe the mask off.

This mask was super easy to use and I did notice an improvement in my skin afterwards. My skin is glowing and hydrated a bonus was it really did help me relax and take my stress away. So if your out and see this mask I would recommend picking it up and giving it a go.

Love always,


Revlon Gel Envy Polish Review

Hey beauties!

Let’s talk about gel nail polish! I hate when I take the time to give myself a mani and hours later it chips. So I’m starting the search for the perfect affordable gel polish system. I’ve never been the girl to paint her nails because my polish chips super fast. I’ve tried a bunch of different top coats and all that ever happens is I end up wasting money & time. Now that gel polish is easily available at the drugstore I decided to give it a go.

I found the prettiest shade for fall in the Revlon section of my drugstore. It’s a hunter green with light green glitter thorough out it. I absolutely love it! The shade is called Rain Forest. Revlon’s website says that this is a simple two step system. First you apply your color which works as a base coat and after that dries you apply the gel envy top coat.

I work at a farm store (strange right?) and my nails get a lot of wear and tear. After two days there was minimum chipping just around the edges. At the four day mark it started chipping to the point where It was super noticeable.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the results. After I removed the polish I noticed my nails were yellow. I know that’s a normal thing to happen when you wear nail polish but this has never happened to me before. Needless to say I’m not a huge fan of this product. I personally would skip Revlon Gel Envy nail polish.

Love always,





Vice by Urban Decay

Beauty junkies I have the most exciting thing to share with you today!

I’m sharing the Vice palette by Urban Decay with you! My fiancé is the best he surprised me again with the Vice palette after hearing me talk about it non stop.

So of course the packaging is luxurious. It comes in a beautiful box with a beautiful pouch inside. Inside of the pouch is a beautiful case which has the eyeshadows neatly organized by color. Opening the case their is a huge mirror! The mirror is the size of the palette so no squinting to see yourself. It comes with a brush but it’s a let down. The double ended brush is a cheap version of the brush you get in the Naked palettes.

With this palette you get Twenty shades in variety of colors. Five of the shades are matte while the rest are satin finish. The colors are definitely a different mix. You have neutrals, pinks, blues, a green, purples, and greys. The pigmentation is great just one swipe is all you need to pick the color up. The shadows are creamy and smooth. The same quality eyeshadows we love from Urban Decay are in this palette. You can purchase this palette at Sephora and Ulta the price is sixty dollars. It does seem pricy but you get more for your money with this Pete compare to a Naked palette for fifty four dollars. Have any more questions about the palette just ask. Hopefully I can put a tutorial together soon.

Love always,