Fresh Faced Fridays

Hey beauties!

I have been thinking about starting a series on my blog. After brainstorming a bunch of ideas I’ve come up with Fresh Faced Friday. I’m so excited to share a series on my blog. I love face mask in general and what is a better way to share my love then to start a series. I’ll be reviewing a different face mask each week. You know all those terrible looking selfies you try to avoid putting on the internet? Well I’ll be showing off my no makeup face pimples and all so be prepared!

To give a little background, my skin has been going crazy lately. I have 6 pimples at this moment which isn’t normal for my skin at all. I usually just have the small hormonal break out once a month. Stress and my new eating style is what’s making my face break out this week. I have combination skin. Which means my cheeks are usually dry where as my T zone is pretty oily.

This week I’ll be reviewing the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask. I picked mine up at my local Cosmetic Company ( just google locations). You get 1.7fl. Oz. of product for 13 dollars. I have seen many beauty bloggers love this mask so I’m super excited to see how it works!

The description on the bottle says it has active charcoal to clear pores. It comes in a cute squeeze tube perfect for getting the product out the hygienic way. The mask itself is just a dark grey liquid nothing too sticky or runny. It has a clay mask smell but nothing you can’t get passed.

How I use it is first I wet a wash cloth with the hottest water I can stand. Wring the water out of the cloth and press the hot cloth into my skin to warm my pores so that they will open and allow the mask to clean them. Next I apply a quarter amount of the mask on to my finger tips. Adding extra on my pimples.

Allow the mask to dry completely. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. Then taking my wash cloth from earlier I run it under hot water and pat the mask off. I like to take an extra step and with a clean face pat the wash cloth over my face again. Finally I use my Mia 2 and the cleanser I’m using at the moment and wash my face. After that I use a light wait serum as my moisturizer and move on with my day.

This mask feels amazing on the skin! It dries super quick and is really easy to rinse off. I noticed my skin felt nice and tingly after using this product. My face feels smooth and hydrated. Plus it calmed the redness from my pimples. I’m going to use it a few more times to see how it works with clearing my pores so check back next Friday for a new mask and updates on this mask. What’s your favorite mask?

Love always,







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