Fresh Faced Friday

Hey beauties!

How have you all been? My week has been super busy with work. I feel like I have been standing my life away. Have to love working in retail right?

Let’s start off with an update about the Charcoal mask from last week. I’ve used it two more times since last Friday. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Although I have been breaking out more. I believe it’s from the mask purifying my skin. To fight the break outs I’ve been using Epiduo. It has dried my skin out too much! I have cracked skin all over my chin. So that’s leads us to the next mask I’m going to review.

Freeman Hydrating paper mask blue agave. In not a fan of paper mask because the cut outs for your eyes never match up on me! I always end up with the product in my eyes. That being said I enjoyed this mask. It was super slimy but afterwards my face felt hydrated and plump.

To take you through the process I first patted a hot wash cloth over my face to open my pores. I washed my face using my new favorite face wash by Cetaphil and the Mia 2 Clarosonic. After I apply the paper mask pressing it into my skin I wait ten minutes and take the slimy hot mess off. I press the left over serum from the mask Into my skin and wait for it to dry.

This mask has saved my face! I no longer have cracked skin on my chin. The results I had are glowing hydrated plump skin. The cost for such great results are just 2 dollars at Walmart in the skin care section. You can’t beat the little drugstore hacks. My overall review is that this product does exactly what it says hydrates the skin.

If your skin is ever looking dull before a big night out I would pop this baby on for 10 minutes with a pumpkin spice latte in my hand and relax. Applying your makeup afterwards would be a dream. Hope you enjoyed.

Love always,







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