Fresh Faced Friday

Good morning beauty junkies!

Fresh Faced Friday is here and happening! We’re using Freeman Purifying Paper Mask Star Fruit. It claims to purify and helps control oil. My T zone lately has been out of control with how oily it becomes by mid day.

Simple steps to use this mask, first wash your face with a gentle cleanser.
Pat your skin dry and apply the paper mask. It smells like cantaloupe and I love it personally. Wait ten minutes for this mask to really soak into your skin. Peel the mask off and press the left over serum into your skin.

Usually when I use a new mask I can’t notice too much of a difference right away. This mask though made my skin feel fresh and healthy. After I peeled the mask off, my skin and pores felt tight and slightly burning. My skin was warm and red after taking this mask off. Ten minutes later everything had calmed down and returned to normal. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest trying this mask on a day you can stay home just in case your skin has a bad reaction to this mask. The picture where my face is red is after I removed the mask. hope you enjoyed!

Love always,





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