Fresh Faced Friday

Hey skin care lovers!

Let’s all take a deep breathe and let the stress of the week melt away. My favorite way to unwind is a hot bath, face mask, and a good book. Anyone else agree ? Grab your favorite bubble bath and let’s talk about a face mask.

This week at school I was lucky enough to have a fellow student I look up to preform an extraction on me. An extraction is when your pimples, whiteheads, & blackheads are removed. Now don’t go thinking it’s okay to pop pimples. You need to have the proper steps such as cleansing, toning, & steaming. When I learn the proper steps in detail I’ll write a post all about it. The point is I’m trying to deep clean my pores and that was what this mask is targeted at.

Of course it is a Freeman mask, Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask. This mask is for normal / combination skin. It claims to deep clean and purify your skin. As I’m sure your tired of reading the first step is I cleanse my face with my Cetaphil cleanser and Clarisonic. Next I pat my face dry and apply the masks in sections. As I’m waiting for the mask to dry my face starts itching like crazy. So unfortunately I had to wash it off before the mask completely dried.

The mask didn’t smell it was just a fun creamy green color. Applying the mask was relaxing and super easy which I love. I’m guessing the oatmeal in the mask made my face itch but since I have sensitive skin and I didn’t want to chance it. You can pick this mask up in the skin care aisle at your drugstore.

My personal recommendation is to skip this mask if you have sensitive skin. I didn’t notice anything different in my skin but I also didn’t get to use the mask to it’s full potential. If anyone else has tried this product please leave me some details on your experience with it. Enjoy my Frankenstein face and Happy Early Halloween!

Love always,





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