Cheers to a new year

As I sit in Chickfila sweet tea in hand I wonder the direction I want my life to take. Have you ever had moments where you need to sit back and see where you have been and where you are going? Over the year of 2014 I graduated college with my Associates Degree, spent another year with the love of my life, watched my puppy turn one, learned new life skills, spent time with my crazy parents, moved out on my own and started a new adventure, beauty school. 

I know, beauty school an adventure? Well yes, it is an adventure. You go to school with the same group of people learning new things everyday day. I chose the esthetics route instead of cosmetologist. I have been blessed with the best teacher in the state, I’ll even venture out with the best teacher in the country. 

I have experienced so many new things in my life. I built business friendships and more importantly I built real friendships. I receive great advice daily I even got a confidence boost on my beauty/ freelance ideas. I’m writing this to share with you what I’ve been going through in my time of absence. I love blogging and beauty related things it’s why I started my blog.

I always said I wanted to start a YouTube channel and never did. I let the fear of being mocked and not making perfect videos scare me. I’ve come to realization that everyone is going to have an opinion so why let that stop me? I’m just starting out so of course my video and editing skills are going to be shaky. I can’t let that stop me from doing what I want. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? Me? I’m hoping to be in a management position somewhere. I want to have my YouTube channel and blog thriving. Most importantly I want my marriage to be in a happy healthy state ( I’m getting married in August). I want to spend more time living then worrying, 2015 is going to be the year about ME. I  know that in the past I have problems with consistency but I am truly sorry for my hiatus. Just know now that I am back and better then ever. Thank you for all your support and understanding. Have any questions or advice leave me a comment. 

Love always,


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